Tuesday, 12 January 2010

2010 - a time of great change, in search of great leadership

2010 has certainly come in like a lion. Retailers cautiously optimistic after a better-than-expected Christmas, economists apparently either harbingers of financial armageddon or reporters of the first signs of green-shoots. Probably both are right. Outside my window it looks like Narnia and the forecast is for more snow for the foreseeable future.

This seems to me to be an important year. For so many reasons. We are on the cusp of many big things. The signs of major change are everywhere, as we wake up to the challenge of global warming, face the poverty of the developing world, watch the balance of economic power shift towards Brazil, Russia, India and China and witness the rampant growth of technology.

How should a leader respond to all this flux?

In the same way as always: By providing the leadership basics...

  • Clarity of strategic direction
  • An insightful and balanced scorecard of performance measures
  • A fair, meritocratic and motivating system of recognition and reward
  • Inspiration to enable managers & staff to achieve peak performance
  • Constant development of skills and capabilities
  • A permanent focus on the continuous improvement of process and performance at every level
  • Constant communication, about everything that matters
  • A culture of innovation, commitment, fun and achievement

Easy really. It was always so and remains so.

The odd thing is, we all know this to be the case.

Yet other things get in the way and drain our time, resources, attention and energy.

Cut through all that. Make 2010 the year when you really make it happen.

Its your choice.

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