Friday, 25 September 2009

Another week, another dollar

It is a Friday afternoon and the end of a long and very productive week. I could use the words 'Frantic' or Hectic' or 'Crazy' - but such potentially 'toxic' words generate feelings of failure or being overwhelmed - and a leader's effectiveness is directly related to feelings of achievement and progress. I have managed to avoid completing just over 66% of the tasks I had scheduled for the week... but achieved dozens of things I hadn't expected to do through opportunities, ideas and the law of unintended consequences.

Only one question here really matters to a leader. Have I made a difference?

If it is possible to give a resounding 'yes' to one's self in response to this question, then everything is good and right and the leader's energy is renewed and efforts redoubled to continue the journey. If there is even a suspicion that the real answer may be no.... performance is reduced, morale sinks and the bed feels warm and preferable to the office come the morning.

Your mission as a leader is to ensure that every Friday night feels like a week of progress and every Monday morning heralds a new beginning and opportunities to move further on.

For you. And for everyone you influence.

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