Friday, 22 May 2009

Are you 'qualified' to do the job?

Recent research from the Chartered Management Institute indicates that less than 20% of managers in the UK are 'qualified' in leadership & management. I would expect that, if the figures were analysed in more detail, a proportion of those who hold management qualifications would be seen to do so at a significantly lower level than the role they currently inhabit. For nearly twenty years, we have, as a nation, seen the benefit of training supervisors and team leaders. We don't yet seem to have the same attitude with regard to middle and senior managers. Ironic, when you consider the significantly increased level of risk attached to their decisions and performance. I doubt that many of the business failures and calamities of recent months can be attributed to the performance of staff at a supervisory level.

So here's a question. How are you 'qualified' to sit in that seat? How much time and effort do you put in to maintain and enhance your leadership skills year on year?

My experience of the past three decades has been that managers, especially at or near the top, are often well qualified - but probably in something else. The trouble is, whatever the specialism you used to have, leadership is a different job. Different skill set, different impacts. I encounter a lot of people with an MBA who tell me they are qualified. Don't get me wrong, its a worthy qualification and tough going. I know, I teach on it. But it isn't primarliy about leadership - its about running the business.

I would suggest that, these days, its not your ability to manage things that will be key to success; but your ability to lead people.

So, if you aren't qualified and/or haven't spent at least 20 days every year keeping yourself up to speed.... it's time to do something about it.

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